Monster Trucks Make Successful Run At Cincinnati Gardens

Thousands of fans enjoyed the recent two night run of the Monster Truck Championships: Featuring BIGFOOT, Presented by  U Pull & Pay at Cincinnati Gardens. Six monster trucks competed in various individual stunts, smashing more than a dozen cars and vans on the floor of the Gardens. Kids and adults alike, were thrilled and amazed at the crushing power of monster trucks Bigfoot, Equalizer, War Eagle, Hot Tamale, Bomb Shell and Public Disturbance. The crowd was also dazzled by the return of the 30-foot fire-breathing, car-eating robotic dinosaur Transaurus.

Here is one of many letters of praise for the show:

My family & I just attended your Monster Truck Winter Nationals in Cincinnati, OH. WOW!! We were so impressed with your show,

from the track set up to the event, your monster truck drivers, announcer & other crew members.  We have a 2-year old son who is as we say "Monster Truck Crazy".  We took him to see the Monster Jam circuit in January here in Cincinnati.  We were very disappointed with that show.  From the track layout to the amount of "action".  It should have been called "Talk Jam".  Our son feel asleep during some of that show!

We decided to take our family to your show at the Cincinnati Gardens, almost expecting the same kind of arena show.  We were so impressed and pleasantly surprised at your show from the time we walk in to the arena.  We wanted to take a few minutes to let you know what a great job you guys are doing.  The show was entertaining with lots of monster truck action.  It was exactly what we would expect to see and more.  We know these small arena shows are challenging for the amount of track.  You guys did a great job with what you had to work with.  Thank you so much for bring this high quality monster truck show to Cincinnati.  Our son and daughters LOVED the Tyrannosaurs part of the show as well.  We will be watching your schedule and are looking forward to see you guys at an outdoor arena this summer.


Thanks again -The Dowrey Family


War Eagle                                                                 Hot Tamale




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