Unprecedented Blackout Temporarily Melts Gardens Ice

UPDATE - After nearly 72 hours without power, the fine, incredibly hard-working folks at Duke Energy were able to restore power to Cincinnati Gardens around 1 pm on Wednesday afternoon.

The powerful winds from the remnants of Hurricane Ike, that blew through Greater Cincinnati on Sunday and left hundreds of thousands without power, also had an affect on the Cincinnati Gardens.  With a lack of electric to the building since the storm, the ice that had just been made for the hockey rink was reduced to a pool of white-tinted water.  Mike Reeder, Director of the Skating Center with Cincinnati Gardens says the unexpected ice melting is unprecedented.  “Like so many others in our area, Mother Nature has played havoc with the Gardens too” say’s Reeder, who had just seen the ice installed the previous week. 


Without the luxury of electric and much lighting in the cavernous Gardens, Reeder and the dedicated staff of Jerry Henderson, Ted Pritchard, Eddie Pritchard, Rusty Henderson, Nate Schlueter and Carol Ladwig have been working to clear the water from the floor, scrub and remove the white tint from the melted ice and ready the floor to again make ice when power is restored. For now, the Gardens floor is a damp slab of cement, awaiting the chillers entwined in the floor, to begin cooling the floor, so the ice making process can start once again.


Reeder says that when power is restored, the ice making process will begin immediately.  The floor will begin to chill, so the freezing of water can take place.  If everything goes according to plan, Reeder and his staff hope to begin making the hockey ice before the weekend and “then it will be business as usual” assures Reeder.  The Cincinnati Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) had just begun their practice season, which has now been delayed thanks to the blackout. 

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