Hockey Team Takes Cincinnati by Storm


The move caps off a series of exciting changes for Cincinnati’s only junior team, which changed its name from the Cincinnati Swords to the Cincinnati Thunder early this spring as part of a rebranding package.  


Hockey has always been a major attraction at the Cincinnati Gardens, an iconic sports and entertainment facility. “The Cincinnati Thunder,” said President and Head Coach Ryan Colville, “is excited to be part of continuing that tradition.”


“With this move to the Gardens for the upcoming 2015-16 season, we believe we can offer one of the most unique and exciting stadium experiences in junior hockey while focusing on achieving the players’ goals on and off the ice,” adds Colville.
“Likewise, giving the organization a fresh new look and feel (including a newly designed team logo) works well with the move,” Colville states. “Throughout these changes we remain committed to building on our strong relationship with the Queen City Hockey Association (QCHA) and their youth teams.”


While players from around the country and the world play for the Thunder, the team plans to actively work to develop local players. “The QCHA does a great job of providing local kids with exceptional resources and coaching. The Thunder Junior Organization now offers the next level of play for local kids to strive toward and graduate to within their own region,” said Colville.


The NA3HL, consisting of 34 teams in 18 states, is entering its 6th season of play in 2015-16.  It serves as one of the top training grounds in the country by providing the best coaching, exposure and developmental vehicles available for student-athletes in its classification. The Thunder plays a 48 game schedule (including 22 at home, 22 on the road, and 4 games at the annual NA3HL showcase).


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